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Sweet New merchandise & Free Valentines Pin through 2/14
by gesshokudesigns (gesshokudesigns)
at February 11th, 2009 (06:31 am)

More Sweet Stuff to Choose from...

The weather's been warm here and we're hoping it stays that way! In the meantime, we've been putting up more new items we hope you'll love.

If you've been looking to change out your old messenger bag, we have three new ones available - the Happy Emoticon, the fortune-bearing Maneki Neko, and the super-cute Okashi Pocky.

For all you fans of the SemeUke Quiz, there's a new set of pins available, so whether you're Searching For a Romantic Seme, a Dramatic Uke, or any other type - you can attract the seme or uke of your dreams. Look for "Searching For" shirts coming soon as well!

Finally, we have a special shirt for those roleplayers, slash writers, and others. Let your RL friends know that, despite appearances, you Play a Gay Boy on the Internet. :D

Also, don't forget we are still giving out a special Valentines pin with every order through the 14th!

And, if you head over to SemeUke.com, you send special Seme/Uke Valentines to your friends, enemies, crushes, made-up characters, and roleplaying partners! ^-^V

What else? You can now follow us on Twitter! Get up-to-the-minute updates on new merchandise and sales.

Ja ne,
Gesshoku Designs