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gesshokudesigns [userpic]
Lots of new stuff since the last update!
by gesshokudesigns (gesshokudesigns)
at May 16th, 2009 (10:32 pm)

Cherry blossoms are in bloom on our newest t-shirt design. Available in several different shades on both regular and babydoll style shirts, this two-tone design is simple but sexy!

We're also excited to announce that our mini canvas tote bags are back for summer! These little bento-size lightweight canvas mini-totes come with some of our most popular designs and are pre-accessorized with pins. Here for a limited time!

We've got a few new designs for you fangirls and fanboys! If you're addicted to yaoi, you've got to be part of the Yaoi of the Month Club. Carry that bag with pride, and let every know the dirty smut romance that's in it!

And speaking of fandoms... this new shirt is the perfect way to start a friendly fandom war. Seriously, my fandom is bigger.

We've also been putting up some old designs in new summer colors and styles! Yay for panda!

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