This week's designs are too much fun.

Hold on to your pocky! The Pocky Ninja lurks in the shadows, preying on all manner of sweet and crunchy things! (P.S. His favorite is coconut) If you're lucky you'll spot his tail fleeing into the night just as you notice your precious stash is gone!

Why is it that we have so many bunny designs? I guess we just can't resist. But we think this little guy is the coolest thing since Tamagotchi. Be sure to add this binary bunny to your digital life. (Yep, no litterbox cleaning required.)

And for the rest of you kinky people out there, no reason to hide. Declare just what you're thinking with our Mmm... Bondage T-shirt. (Remaining non-kinky folks may find the LOLWUT T-shirt appropriate.) :D


Lots of new stuff since the last update!

Cherry blossoms are in bloom on our newest t-shirt design. Available in several different shades on both regular and babydoll style shirts, this two-tone design is simple but sexy!

We're also excited to announce that our mini canvas tote bags are back for summer! These little bento-size lightweight canvas mini-totes come with some of our most popular designs and are pre-accessorized with pins. Here for a limited time!

We've got a few new designs for you fangirls and fanboys! If you're addicted to yaoi, you've got to be part of the Yaoi of the Month Club. Carry that bag with pride, and let every know the dirty smut romance that's in it!

And speaking of fandoms... this new shirt is the perfect way to start a friendly fandom war. Seriously, my fandom is bigger.

We've also been putting up some old designs in new summer colors and styles! Yay for panda!

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Colorful New Tank Tops!

The spring weather has inspired us to go out and find some new colors! So we're proud to present you with some stylish new two-toned tank tops. In hues of black, pink, lime, and violet, summer won't be able to resist! Get them before these cool colors go out of stock (or before we steal them for ourselves!) Need to swap colors, swap designs? Tell us! We'll gladly customize one for you. ^_^


It's Seme/Uke Week!

In honor of equinoxes, day and night, yin and yang, equality, and all that stuff, we're celebrating Seme & Uke this week! Look for some deals on yaoi & yuri shirts and our whole stock of regular seme/uke t-shirts.

More new hoodies have been added to the store, including Okashi and Magical Girl designs. If you haven't seen your favorite design yet, just ask if it can be put on a hoodie for you.

There's some new super-cute designs available for spring! Some adorable mochi rice-cakes are smiling in classic "kawaii" cuteness on this first shirt, available in black, grey, and blue.

You can also express your wild side (and show your teeth a little) with this RAWR design. (Warning: Don't poke the face.)


Magical Girls and Samurai...

We have lots of new merchandise up if you haven't been to the site in a few weeks. Whether your interest is magical girls, chibi samurai, or kitsune tails, we invite you to check out these new designs!

Seme and uke may also find our Searching For t-shirt series useful in tracking down that perfect partner. =D

And kawaii lovers should be thrilled to see new dresses available, including sweet pink ones perfect for spring!

Ja ne,
Gesshoku Designs


Your Convention T-shirt Guide

Whether it's your own custom design or one of our unique fandom shirts, we'd like to dress you to suit your personality. With anime conventions popping up all over the country, and the world, there's no better opportunity to express yourself fully. Whether you're a Matsuri Lover or a Wandering Otaku, or even if you just need something to wear around town, our staff has put together a recommendation list for your type!


Sweet New merchandise & Free Valentines Pin through 2/14

More Sweet Stuff to Choose from...

The weather's been warm here and we're hoping it stays that way! In the meantime, we've been putting up more new items we hope you'll love.

If you've been looking to change out your old messenger bag, we have three new ones available - the Happy Emoticon, the fortune-bearing Maneki Neko, and the super-cute Okashi Pocky.

For all you fans of the SemeUke Quiz, there's a new set of pins available, so whether you're Searching For a Romantic Seme, a Dramatic Uke, or any other type - you can attract the seme or uke of your dreams. Look for "Searching For" shirts coming soon as well!

Finally, we have a special shirt for those roleplayers, slash writers, and others. Let your RL friends know that, despite appearances, you Play a Gay Boy on the Internet. :D

Also, don't forget we are still giving out a special Valentines pin with every order through the 14th!

And, if you head over to, you send special Seme/Uke Valentines to your friends, enemies, crushes, made-up characters, and roleplaying partners! ^-^V

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Ja ne,
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