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gesshokudesigns [userpic]
This week's designs are too much fun.
by gesshokudesigns (gesshokudesigns)
at May 29th, 2009 (12:34 am)

Hold on to your pocky! The Pocky Ninja lurks in the shadows, preying on all manner of sweet and crunchy things! (P.S. His favorite is coconut) If you're lucky you'll spot his tail fleeing into the night just as you notice your precious stash is gone!

Why is it that we have so many bunny designs? I guess we just can't resist. But we think this little guy is the coolest thing since Tamagotchi. Be sure to add this binary bunny to your digital life. (Yep, no litterbox cleaning required.)

And for the rest of you kinky people out there, no reason to hide. Declare just what you're thinking with our Mmm... Bondage T-shirt. (Remaining non-kinky folks may find the LOLWUT T-shirt appropriate.) :D